Hi, this is Myra. I like to read and write fantasy novels.

Origin Story

I’ve been writing reviews on Amazon since 2002 and always considered that a trustworthy interface… until 2017 when I found out a) Amazon removes reviews without telling you; and b) people living in the same household can’t write reviews on the same product. How frustrating! So to take back control of my book reviews, I created this blog. I’ll be revamping some older reviews to post here, as well as any new book reviews. Just keep reading!

Why Write Reviews Anyway?

Reviews are important—or, critical—to decide what items to purchase / consume, so I figure other fantasy-reading souls out there also appreciate honest book reviews and some reading recommendations.

Also… don’t tell me you haven’t had this conversation: “I loved that book!” “What’s it about?” “…I can’t remember, but I know it was really good!”

So I like to keep track of why I liked/disliked particular books.

Lastly, sometimes my opinions change as I write the review, trying to formulate in words what exactly I felt and why. As an author, this is a useful exercise.

Anything Else?

You still here? Well, like I said, I write fantasy. Check out my author blog at myrakarine.wordpress.com.


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