The List : Patricia Forde

Book review for : The List Author : Patricia Forde Rating : 3 stars Fun premise that gets lost in the Melting The List is a dystopian story that takes place on Earth after some tragic ‘Melting’ that wipes out much of humanity and animals and technology and words.


Conservation of Shadows : Yoon Ha Lee

Book review for : Conservation of Shadows Author : Yoon Ha Lee Rating : 5 stars "Conservation of Shadows" is the title of the last short story in this collection. Not even the best one, but it is a fun title, and several other of her stories play with 'shadows'.  So, what makes this collection 5 stars? 

A Natural History of Dragons : Marie Brennan

Book review for : A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent Author : Marie Brennan Rating : 5 stars : Isabella is not interested in a life of Society as a proper young woman. She wants to study how things work, in particular winged things, in particular dragons.

Song in the Silence : Elizabeth Kerner

Book review for : Song in the Silence: The Tale of Lanen Kaelar Author : Elizabeth Kerner Rating : 3 stars : Lanen grows up as the daughter of a horse-breeder, but has always felt unloved and yearning for adventure—and dragons.

Mockingjay : Suzanne Collins

Book review for : Mockingjay Author : Suzanne Collins Rating : 5 stars Series : The Hunger Games, book 3. Start with The Hunger Games Katniss Doesn't Want to Play Anymore... This could have been a book where the rebels overthrow the Capitol with some exciting battle sequences and everyone lives happily ever after. If it... Continue Reading →

Catching Fire : Suzanne Collins

Book review for : Catching Fire Author : Suzanne Collins Rating : 5 stars Series : The Hunger Games, book 2. Start with The Hunger Games Katniss Learns the Rules So you've been through hell and made it out with limbs and most mental facilities in tact. How about round 2? By all rights, after winning... Continue Reading →

The Hunger Games : Susanne Collins

Book review for : The Hunger Games Author : Suzanne Collins Rating : 5 stars Series : The Hunger Games, book 1 Katniss Plays the Game 12 Districts serve 1 Capitol. Every year two children, a boy and a girl, are chosen by drawing from each district to compete in the twisted Capitol Hunger Games. The... Continue Reading →

Thick as Thieves : Megan Whalen Turner

Book review for : Thick as Thieves Author : Megan Whalen Turner Rating : 5 stars Series : Queen's Thief, book 5. Start with The Thief. Kamet, Mede Slave Turned Fugitive Kamet is slave to the Mede ambassador Nahusaresh, returned to Mede after his abysmal failure in Attolia. Although Kamet is sometimes beaten, his master... Continue Reading →

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