Playlist of the Ancient Dead : Aaron Frale

Book review for : Playlist of the Ancient Dead Author : Aaron Frale Rating : 4 stars A quick read, something different Based on the cover, I expected 4 stars for this book. But I didn’t come across it myself (the author contacted me), so I did start it with some apprehension…


Poison Study : Maria V. Snyder

Book review for : Poison Study Author : Maria V. Snyder Rating : 5 stars Series : Study, book 1. Who wants to be a poison tester? In this fantasy world, people don't choose to be the poison tester for the Commander, the military ruler who overthrew a tyrannical king, but they don't have much choice. Yelena is taken out of the prison cell she has been in for about a year, and given two choices; hang for murder, or learn the poison trade.

Bluescreen : Dan Wells

Book review for : Bluescreen Author : Dan Wells (I still like you Dan, don't be mad!) Rating : 3 stars Series : Mirador book 1 Checklist Bluescreen had everything on the checklist a good proper author keeps while putting together a futuristic-YA bestseller.

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle : Haruki Murakami

Book review for : The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Author : Haruki Murakami Rating : 3 stars A mystery, a puzzle, a headache -- Most of the time reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle I was wondering what was going on. It calls for suspension-of-disbelief around every corner.

Reawakened : Colleen Houck

Book review for : Reawakened Author : Colleen Houck Rating : 2 stars Series : Reawakened series book 1 Pretty cover, face-palm contents I hated the main character within 10 pages. Now THAT is impressive!

Name of the Rose : Umberto Eco

Book review for : Name of the Rose Author : Umberto Eco Rating : 4 stars Good historical value, unsatisfying conclusion The Name of the Rose* is a historical murder mystery that takes place in a Franciscan monastery in 14th-century Italy.

Fabled Kingdom : Queenie Chan

Book review for : Fabled Kingdom Author : Queenie Chan Rating : 5 stars Series : Fabled Kingdom book 1 Fun Blend of Fairy Tale and Original I enjoyed Queenie Chan's series The Dreaming and was excited to give Fabled Kingdom a shot after hearing she was writing it. I like her art style and her writing.

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