Stuck in the Middle : Virginia Smith

Joan is 25 years old and she feels like her life is stuck. After being dumped by her long-time boyfriend, she finds herself working at a job that's not her passion, she's not using her English degree, not dating, not socializing, only going to church as an everyday activity and spending time with her family.

Truthwitch : Susan Dennard

Safi is a Truthwitch, a rare and desirable power that lets her tell when someone is or isn't telling the truth. She has managed to keep her power hidden from those who would certainly want to take it (well, her) for themselves, and instead lives out a life of... crime?

Strange the Dreamer : Laini Taylor

"Strange" is the last name given to those who don't have last names. These nameless orphans, raised in a monastery, the product of war. Lazlo is one such orphan, who delights in the crazy stories told by a delirious monk about an ancient forgotten city that once was the focus of the world.

A Treason of Thorns : Laura E Weymouth

I really wanted to love this book. The cover is beautiful, obviously. Besides that, I love the idea. The countryside is taken care of by the Great Houses, which are literally houses spread about England. The houses have magic and a personality of their own, and only chosen Caretakers can channel their magic effectively. 

Tales of Mundane Magic: Volume 3 : Shaina Krevat

Tales of Mundane Magic vol 3 continues the adventures of magical sisters Gertie and Bridget. While most chapters of the previous books are stand-alone short stories, this book is about a road trip and a mysterious magical statue they need to deliver to a persistent bidder... while having magical adventures along the way. 

The Forgetting Moon : Brian Lee Durfee

The ruthless army of the Angel Prince is conquering the Five Isles, one by one. Next is Gul Khana's turn, but where the previous king battled and died, his incompetent bully of a son trusts in his nefarious religious advisors that everything will go their way, so no point in doing anything about it.

Thieftaker : D. B. Jackson

The book takes place in Boston before the American revolution. Things like the Stamp Act and other acts of parliament have made the people living in the Americas angry at their lack of representation. Several mobs have recently destroyed the homes of prominent men of the crown...

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