Marabel and the Book of Fate : Tracy Barrett

Book review for : Marabel and the Book of Fate Author : Tracy Barrett Rating : 3 stars — Cute, but nothing like Levine or Wrede


The Just City : Jo Walton

Book review for : The Just City Author : Jo Walton Rating : 3 stars Series : Thessaly (trilogy), book 1 Enjoyed it intellectually, but not for fun

Drama : Raina Telgemeier

Book review for : Drama Author : Raina Telgemeier Rating : 5 stars Middle-school dramatization “Drama” is one girl’s experience with romance during one middle-school year.

Cobweb Bride : Vera Nazarian

Book review for : Cobweb Bride Author : Vera Nazarian Rating : 4 stars Series : Cobweb Bride Trilogy Book 1 Would it be wonderful to never die? Well, not when everybody and everything else shares the same fate, so it's impossible to enjoy a good pot roast.

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