Scars, Scribbles and the Power of Crayons : Lara Lazenby

Book review for : Scars, Scribbles and the Power of Crayons Author : Lara Lazenby Rating : 5 stars Cute and cry-worthy This is a sweet, heart-wrenching slice-of-life about one little girl and her ongoing fight with cancer. We see her demonize her cancer treatments and fight with her own emotions, we see her interaction with her... Continue Reading →


Kalpa Imperial : Angélica Gorodischer

Book review for : Kalpa Imperial Author : Angélica Gorodischer Rating : 2 stars …Why? I guess it's not my kind of book. I found it terribly boring. The short stories have absolutely no connection to each other, although supposedly they are stories of different timelines in the same empire. Some of the stories had... Continue Reading →

Lunula : Alyssa Auch

Book review for : Lunula Author : Alyssa Auch Rating : 5 stars Series : Irador Series Book 1 (it says, but never got beyond book 2) Oh good, there's a book 2!!!

The Wolf : Leo Carew

The Wolf… is the symbol of the ruling house of the Anakim, a large, warrior race with natural bone armor, who value valor in battle and the ruggedness of nature.

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